Jun 23, 2017

A Special Performance in New Orleans and ZMR Vocal Album of The Year!

So completely honored to win ZMR Best Vocal Album of the Year for Seay 'In The Garden' and to perform selections of my music with so many wonderful artists Al Jewer, Andy Mitran, Jospeh Akins, Vin Downes, Jules Delgado, Geoff Koch,  Randy Copus, and the Loyola Symphony String Quartet Natalia Cascante, Rachel Hsieh,  Amelia Irene and Gabriel Platica.  Such a very special evening Congratulations nominees for their amazing vocal artistry: 2002, Enya, Rebekah Eden, Candice Night, and to the Winners Erik Scott, Tom Eaton, Starr  Parodi, Sherry Finzer Will Clipman, Darin Mahoney,Kathryn Kaye, Al Conti, Helen Jane Long, Jeff Pearce, Hennie Bekker, Marconi Union, Uwe Gronau, and to the very special Michael Diamond.

Thankyou to Ben Dugas, Daryl Portier,  Radio Broadcasters, Reviewers, RJ Lannan Bill Winklemanour promoter Ed Bonk Stacey Bonk, and everyone at the Zone Music Reporter for their commitment and support of music in World, New Age, Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental, Solo piano, Neo Classical and Acoustic genres. You give us an audience!!

Special Thanks to the gorgeous Renee' Blanche, for her beauty and prose throughout the evening and the amazing Mary Bartlettfor her tremendous work and support of the live performances. Most special thanks to Harry Hardin, Phillip Von Maltzen, Dr. Jean Montes of Loyola University for helping us bring together our extraordinary string section! 

ZMR Awards

Jul 19, 2016

Join hands, Join hearts by Rj Lannan

Seay In The Garden
Tuscan Sun Music
Join hands, Join hearts

Let me start by saying the cover art is the epitome of bliss. It features Seay dressed in gold and cobalt surrounded by a rainbow of fantasy artwork. I have waited four long years to hear this songstress raise her crystal voice to the heavens again. Finally, New Age vocalist extraordinaire Seay releases her newest endeavor, In The Garden. There is more music, more vocalese and more passion offered in these twelve tracks of New Age/World music than I have heard in a while. Seay is one of the most unique and empathic voices on the planet and when you hear her, you can feel that her music and her message goes down deep into the pores of your heart and your spirit and fills all the recesses with love and fulfillment. It’s what she does. In The Garden will relax your tired mind and invite you to join in the global celebration of living on this glorious planet. The album has the talented collaboration of several musicians and friends including Jules Delgado, Wouter Kellerman, Varsha and Ricky Kej, Steven Peppos and many more.

The opening track, Beautiful Earth is a production number that would work very well on stage with a jumbo-tron in the background displaying high resolution shots of the planet. Seay’s glorious voice soars seraphically over the world celebrating the power of water, earth and sky. It is an invitation to join her as she rejoices in the beauty that is ours. Our planet is uniquely wonderful. All you have to do is look at the other eight. And yet we treat it as if we have a spare in our back pocket. 

Seay offers a lullaby for the planet called Dream. She adds a bit of warm intonation to this mostly instrumental piece, but the music truly carries the number. It is a fantasy of voice and instruments, wafting, flowing, and coursing on cloudy skies. It uplifts the spirit like warm air in a canyon. 

Oceanus and Into the Blue (Oceanus Reprise) are the underpinnings of the album. As water links the planet, Oceanus and Into the Blue bonds the album. This garden we call earth is made up of a lot of water and it is the source of nourishment for the land. The melody itself has a cadence like waves breaking upon the shore. It has the pronounced warmth of the sun and the ebb and flow of eternity. One of my favorite science fiction authors, Arthur C. Clarke once said, How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.” Oceanus is clearly a prayer of thanks for the bounty that it is. 

The title tune, In The Garden, is a sweet serenade of color and light and sound that paints a picture of an Eden of delight. Seay’s intonations suggests a lush landscape shaped from musical notes that is dreamy as well as mysterious. She invites to explore the garden and to stay awhile. Regrettably, we do not want to leave.   

Hearts Afire, penned by Geoff Koch, is an engaging ballad of voice and music. The message is simple. Wake up every day with your heart full of questions, and seek the answers from all the sources at your command. Awaken with purpose and celebrate that purpose. Hearts Afire quickly became a favorite. 

I Will Love You Still is where Seay’s unique storytelling voice excels. It is the love song for the ages. It is a refrain of promises and a sense of forever that only two souls in love can create. And better still, believe in.

“Let the hills in this hollow surround us
With a force that no time can take away
I will hold in my heart
The love of a lifetime always”

I have always been a believer in angels and I am reassured by Seay’s tune Seraphim. They are unseen forces around us that cannot be explained away by mere coincidence or chance. Seraphim are thought to be direct worshippers of God, but their other duties are to us as humans. Whether they are divine messengers or guardians, sometimes you just can’t explain how something happened. Perhaps they are just a symbol for faith. Seay’s haunting melody is comforting to me. 

Full Moon Sonata has some brilliant harmonies that play with light and shadow. Not all light comes from the sun and this song testifies that there is magic in the air during our darkest hours, so take heart. 

I liked every track on this achingly beautiful album. Each song told its own story and each story touched my heart. Seay has taken the basic elements of beauty, song and voice and fashioned a spellbinding creation that pleases the senses and the spirit. Her message to me is our planet, our one big garden, is here to sustain us and we are her caretakers. Let us have equal accountabilities. 

Rating: Excellent

One World Radio and Steve Sheppard's timely review of "In The Garden"

In The Garden By Seay
written by Steve Sheppard

If ever an album deserved to be heard by every single member of the human race, this is it, Seay’s charm and vocal expertise and her passion for world peace is just what this planet needs right now and In The Garden is the vehicle with which to drive it home. 

The album is full of rich tapestries of musical genius, listen to the opening piece and see for yourself, it’s called Beautiful Earth. As a song, you would have to say that if there were any taste left in the current music business, a track like this would find its way to number one with the ease of a new sunrise. There are going to be comparisons to AO Music and Enya, but that’s no bad thing and adding the talents of both Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman was a superb move and one that worked to the extent of bringing us one of the best album openers for many a year. 

When you get an album like this dear reader and listener, you start to realize just how lucky you are to be doing the job I do, and today I get to bathe in the sonic heaven of Seay, where the gardens are a lush green and one can simply Dream, ok, a slightly tenuous and obvious link to the track of the same name, but the composition Dream contains sweeping vocals and a classic new age styled 2002 symphonic majesty. This is one of those tracks you could listen to for hours and still have tears of peace and love falling from your eyes.

From a dream, to the world of Oceanus, the wave’s crash upon the rocks, whales cry, and we are transported to a world of water, where life is abundant and in total balance with its environment. Seay’s vocalisations are simply gorgeous and perfectly delivered and create for us a whole new realm. Yes, we can indeed bathe in the dimension of Oceanus together, in a moment of symbiotic musical bliss.

Now for the title track, I always love this moment, now we get to see the birthing point of the concept and as the picture is unveiled we can witness the magic, power and intensity of the artist and my goodness can we, on this quite amazing arrangement called In the Garden. This dear reader is one of those rare tracks that has just about everything, a driving and emotive percussion , a constant and dancing piano, the harmonies and vocals are just perfect in every way, for me it was like opening the gate to the garden and finding heaven, simply stunning.

There is always going to be a favourite and this is it, it’s called We Are One, this one made the hairs on my arms stand to attention, made my heart fill with happiness and love and convinced me that this is our new official anthem on One World Music RadioSeay’s passion in this outstanding track is so deeply felt, the symphonic nature, the driving and immense emotional musical genius here is without equal, and as Seay sings, we are one life, one stream, one tide, we are one hope, one tribe, one Earth, we are one, for, that says it all really.

It’s time to relax now and rest in the arms of Seay’s angelic vocals. Her soft and calming tones here are just another fine example of what this album is all about, peace, beauty, love and understanding and the track Hearts Afire is another stepping stone of rhythmic musical class that will help us along the way.

The eastern feel on Anima Mundi is so gentle and so well sung that it carries us with a caring hand into a really beautiful track, one that features Wouter Kellerman on flute and of course the skills of Ricky Kej, who must be one of the busiest artists in the business today. The vocals here seem to float along with us, as if we are drifting along a stream on a boat, in full summer.

The fluency of this release is simply outstanding, take the composition called The Golden Spiral for example, a peace filled moment of harmonious music that reverberates with a special energy, the piano is ever present and our foundation, but please pay special attention to the delicate and very respectful Cello of Hitoshi Yamaguchi, it adds a soft form of movement to a delightful arrangement.

We now move deeper into the latter half of the album and come across a really moving song called I Will Love You Still. I felt something a little Celtic here in the composition of the song; this ballad contains some sensuous vocals from Seay, but there is also a real sense of endless time and through truth and honesty, unconditional love never dies. The slow, but careful progression here made this a very easy piece to listen to.

Seraphim (Breath Of The Angels) is up next and we are back in classic new age music terority, pay close attention dear listener to the piano on this track, it seems to grow and expand its melody as the composition moves ever onward, this is one very clever track indeed. The sense of harmony and peace here is obvious and the added energy of the angelic realms will bring a feeling of safety and love to each musical step you take, Seay’s drifting vocalisations must surely be a representation of the Seraphim themselves.

Our penultimate stop on this most beautiful sojourn with Seay is called Full Moon Sonata, although the track is only just over three minutes long, Seay’s charm and sheer skill at composition is always going to win you over and here on this track, one could imagine the singer, sitting at her piano and playing as the sun sets and the moon rises, and once more for your delectation and delight, there is a fabulous melody waiting to gently step forth.

So lastly we come to a reprise of Oceanus, Into the Blue, a really loving way for us to leave this release. The whales are calling us home to turquoise blue seas and light blue skies and into a dimension free from strife, need and fear. Dear reader and listener, you will be very happy to end your journey with Seay with this last piece, it’s the perfect parting musical gift.

I have listened to many albums, but this is and will always be one of those that I will remember forever, the production is top notch, the arrangements incredibly laced together with such skill and professionalism; musically the listener will want to jump into the ocean of peace and love that Seay has created with this release.This album has come at a perfect time for the planet, we all need to look at each other and be grateful for our world and its through artists like Seay and albums like In the Garden, that this can be achieved. Im not going to just recommend this album, Im going to state on record that this has to be one ofthe best releases of its kind for ages and what’s more its albums of this elk, that give us hope and a reason to believe, you really need to get this one, this is a rare, special and a quite brilliant offering. 

May 22, 2016

"In the Garden" Is Almost Here!

Seay Set To Release Her Breathtaking New Album 'In The Garden' Music Of Life On June 1, 2016!

Nashville, TN (May 19, 2016) Evocative American Singer Songwriter Seay is set to release her breathtaking new recording, 'In The Garden' the music of life. A culmination of 3 years work, the 12 song original project continues Seay's captivating music and stunning vocal sound that is drawing listeners from across the globe and features her alongside many renowned and grammy winning musicians. Seay recorded 'In The Garden' across the continents from her studio in Nashville, Tennessee to Los Angeles and Bangalore, India producing a collection of innovative and mesmerizing songs in celebration of the Earth and each of us as human beings. 

Beautifully produced and arranged with a team of world instrumentalists alongside Seay's lush layers of sound, The music of 'In The Garden' features performances and collaborations which include Japanese Cellist Hitoshi Yamaguchi, Bassist Jerry Watts Jr. (Sting, Dori Cayimmi, Peter Cetera) Pianist Leon Bisquera (Boney James, Dianne Schuur, Anita Baker, Randy Crawford), Orchestrator Arranger Geoff Koch, Composer Stephen Peppos, grammy winning South African Flutist Wouter Kellerman, Indian Arranger Vanil Veigas, grammy winning Indian Composer Ricky Kej and The Raevolution Orchestra. Guitarist Jules Delgado (Bob James) and Swiss Guitarist Pat Thomi (Gino Vanelli, Jean Luc Ponty, Bjork). 'In The Garden' was mixed by grammy winning engineers Rob Beaton in Los Angeles, Ricky Kej and Vanil Vegas in Bangalore, India and Nashville's Bret Teegarden and Jeff Silverman. The vibrant cd packaging showcases magical imagery of Seay in the famous water garden of the Alhambra generalife gardens in Granada, Spain, considered one of the seven wonders of the world, and cover image by Nashville photographer Nora Canfield with design by Seay and grammy nominated Elizabeth Mancuso of Mancuso Creative.

"The album has of theme of connection, in a comment from Seay. 'In The Garden' has come out of my time of looking at the world, and the concern for the great global changes that are occurring but also seeing the beauty and underlying interconnectedness of everything. I wanted to create a project that was beautiful and artistic but that also had a message." A global music ambassador, Seay's voice and songs have been featured on radio worldwide, film, television and in several humanitarian and environmental events which include the United Nations, World Peace Day and Project Peace On Earth's 'Love All' simulcast live from Bethlehem, Palestine and seen by over 80 million viewers. 

'In The Garden' is available to pre-order on CD physically and digitally. Itunes, Amazon, with "We Are One" provided as an instant track for fans. The full album is available on June 1, 2016 worldwide.
In The Garden' track listing:
1. Beautiful Earth 
2. Dream 
3. Oceanus 
4. In The Garden 
5. We Are One 
6. Hearts Afire 
7. Anima Mundi 
8. The Golden Spiral 
9. I Will Love You Still 
10. Seraphim (Breath Of The Angels) 
11. Full Moon Sonata 
12. Into The Blue (Oceanus Reprise) 

For more information: 







Apr 15, 2016

A night of amazing performances In Nashville for the Indie Collaborative

SEAY performed at a wonderful event "The Nashville Indie Collaborative" on March 21 performing her song "For The Children" in support of United Nations initiates for the Children of the world. Virtuoso Five String Violist Stephan Dudash and Accalied Guitarist Jules Delgado accompanied her. What an incredible group of talented artists and wonderful support shown for the everyone there. Special thanks to Grant Maloy Smith and Eileen Sherman for creating this wonderful group that travels across the United States, and goes into making it such a tremendous success success!

Congratulations to all the amazing Artists:
Markey Blue Band (Jeanette Markey, Ric Latina, Rich Adams, Tamara Nicolai, Mike Maiocco)
Eileen Sherman
Mia Moravis
Debra Lyn & Jeff Silverman
Steven Bower
Steve Ryan
Brenda Best
Johnny Koenig
Johnny Kantreed
Darick Spears
Herschel Garfein and Ted Nash
Duette (Duane Spencer, Paulette Licitra )
Stef Mariani
Saul Paul
LC Jones
SEAY (with Jules Delgado and Stephan Dudash)
Heather Holland
Alan Storeygard
Tommy Womack
Hilary Romaine
Yar Stephens Betsy Walter(with Amberly Rosen, Brooke Mc Bride, Grant Malloy Smith
Sandi Rose
Penny Menze
Grant Maloy Smith

Nov 16, 2015

Wonderful new videos for Fall and Winter

Wonderful new videos of some of my music "Canon In B" "Angelica" for this fall and winter! A heartfelt thanks to Andreea Petcu and Ocean Flower Productions in Bucharest, Romania for her wondrous creative work and support of my music. Thankyou Andreea!

Jul 28, 2015

Wonderful Summer Music Projects

 I worked with 2 amazing composers this summer 
Ricky Kej and Geoff Koch,  lending my voice and creativity to their work and films. I hope you enjoy them both. Special Thanks To engineer Jules Delgado for his supportive help and work on these projects.

Indian Keyboard wizard and Grammy composer  Ricky Kej and I worked across the continents at lighting speed to  complete  "ProYog - From The birthplace of Yoga", a very special commercial showcasing the beauty of India.  I am excited to share that Ricky and his team (including myself) were nominated for a Hollywood Music and Media Award for Best music in an ad and short form film. I hope you will watch this amazing video and experience the  brilliant music and feel of the country of India with this amazing team  of musicians and engineers. 
Agency: Fisheye Creative Solutions, India
Director/DOP: Littil Swayamp, India
Music: Grammy® Award Winner Ricky Kej
Production: Littil Works, India
Associate Directors: John Peter, Nikhil Anil Kumar
Arrangements and Engineering: Ricky Kej, Vanil Veigas
Indian Vocals: Pallavi Arun
Vocals and Vocal Arrangements: Seay
Percussion: Karthik K.
String Section: Raveolution Orchestra
Sitar: Sumarani
Kunakol: Arun
Santoor: Vanil Veigas

                                                     HEART'S AFIRE        

Nashville Composer Geoff Koch and I worked on a beautiful presentation called "Heart's Afire" along with director Jasonn Satterlund. Created for the Adventist 60th general conference, This epic and gorgeous piece was commissioned to represent the divine calling to the ministry.

Director/DOP: Jason Satterlund
Music: Geoff Koch
Vocals and vocal arrangements Seay

May 18, 2015

The Songs of Beautiful Mystery

I am very proud to announce that  2 of my songs will be apart of a very special compilation "Beautiful Mystery: Songs for Tibetan Bon Children's Projects" to raise money for the Bon chidren. This special compilation is produced by Tania Smith And Rafe Van Hoy and was a great labor of love for them. Included in this project are Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche, Lama of the Tibetan Bon tradition and the spiritual director of Bon Shen Ling,  Tania Smith, Space Junky, Pru Clearwater. You can purchase Beautiful Mystery through  100% of the proceeds will be donated Bon Shen Ling.  I am proud to support this beautiful project for these very special children.


Special release for 2015 - "LOVE IS THE OCEAN EP"

Happy Spring! Seay has a special releases  this Summer: "LOVE IS THE OCEAN EP" 
Seay is releasing "LOVE IS THE OCEAN EP", a special commerative 3 pack digital release of her world fusion pop song which includes, Love Is The Ocean (instrumental) and Love is the Ocean (Reprise). Love is the ocean was featured on on Seay's debut album 1 Voice (Top 10 release of the year) The ep will be available on Itunes and digital destinations worldwide.

May 11, 2015

A special night celebrating the songs of Sandy Mason Theoret

It was a special night last week and a Grammy winning evening  packed house at Douglas Corner cafĂ© May 6, 2015 in Nashville, Tennesse celebrating the songs of Hit Songstress and my dear friend Sandy Mason Theoret (Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Crystal Gayle, John Prine, Willie Nelson). I performed 2 of her songs "The Garden" and "Sailin"  from her last album "Out There and In Here". The evening featured Grammy winning writers, artists, and legends of  Nashville music's scene for over 4 decades which included, Crystal Gayle, Garth Brooks and John Prine. A lifetime entertainer and performer, Sandy was a very special woman and a  force that shaped the music of Nashville for several decades with her music touching the lives of millions of listeners.  I am proud to have called her my dear friend. We miss you Sandy and love you.  Pictured: Grammy Winner Pete Wasner, Percussionist Kenny Malone, Violinist Stephan Dudash, Vocalist Mackenzie Wasner, Vocalist Rick Shaw, Guitarist Chris Leuzinger, Hit Songstress Pam Wolfe, Hit songstress Benita Hill, Country Music Legend and Grammy winner Crystal Gayle, Grammy composer vocalist Seay, Grammy winner Pat Alger, Grammy winner Richard Leigh, vocalist and hit writer Charles Green, Grammy winner, hit producer and lcon Allen Reynolds, Grammy winner Roger Cook, Hit songwriter Roberto Bianco, Accalimed Pianist Tony Migliori, veteran Bassist Jim Ferguson. What an amazing night of music and let's keep the craft of great songwriting alive for future generations and fair compensation for their work